February 25, 2014

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk ~ Etude House

I was looking for a good lipstick and since I heard good reviews from this, i decided on buying it - The Etude House  Dear My Bloming Lips Talk. After using it about a year now, I say it definitely lives up to the hype. Check out the full review below:

"Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine. 
Direction: Twist to dispense makeup and apply evenly to lips."
Comes in 24 different colors! I have it in PK004 (pink with purple undertones) and RD303 (red with orange undertones)


The packaging is really cute! The color is baby pink and there's a cute pink bow around it. It's the perfect accent for such a sweet-looking lipstick.


This lipstick is very creamy. I have to tell you, i used to hate lipsticks because of its thick consistency. But this one glides on easily and still very pigmented. Here are some swatches:

Top: RD303
Bottom: PK004


It's very pigmented. You only need one swipe and you get a vivid color.


It lasts pretty long. I can go about half the day without retouching (unless I eat or drink). My only problem with this is if you have sensitive lips and you reapply quite often throughout the day, it can dry out your lips. Always make sure you have some lip balm on hand and you wont have any problems.


This is definitely my go to lipstick whenever I attend special events. For regular days I still prefer lip tints because they look more natural. But this is definitely the creamiest, most pigmented lipstick ive ever tried.


  • Very creamy and glides smoothly
  • Very pigmented
  • You wont look made-up as it's not too thick
  • Lasts half a day (without eating or drinking)
  • Available in 24 different colors!


  • It settles into cracks if you forget to apply lip balm beforehand.

Have you tried this? Do you like it? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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  2. Good review mina! I want to try that but etude house in my country is pricey! :) Have a great day!

  3. Yaay, the packaging is sooo cute!
    Your lips are really sweet ^^

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  4. I tried this but it dried up my lips :S
    The packaging is so cute though.
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