January 25, 2014

REVIEW: Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker

I finally got a decent aegyo sal maker! <3 <3 <3 Or as Etude House calls it, "Cute Eyes Maker". As I promised I'll make a review from stuff I bought on my Haul from Etude House (SEE HERE).


Step 1 - Use pink to line your tear line (the eye bags/fat under your eyes).
Step 2 - Use the brown color to make a shadow below your tear line


This retails for Php 498. Cheaper than other brands which retail for Php 500+


The packaging is really cute (forgive me for loving pink). It's a double-ended stick which is typical in most eye-sticks. One end has a light pink shade, and one end is brown. 

The applicators are quite functional. It spreads the product evenly under your eyes. The whole thing is made of  thick plastic but considering the price, it's pretty decent.


The light pink is more pigmented than the brown but you still need a few swipes for it to show. If the pigment is too strong for you you can spread it with your fingers (gently) too.

Light Pink

  • The picture above looks like it's really pink but its not, it's sort of a whitish beige on your skin
  • Has the right amount of shine
  • Very pigmented but not too strong that it does not look natural
  • Can cover dark circles (like mine)


  • Natural looking
  • Low opacity (color is not too strong)
  • Very light (it won't look like a dark circle)

To be sure, I provided some swatches below:


The texture is like a cream eye shadow. It doesn't settle into fine lines and it's quite moist to the touch.

How I use it:

I emphasize the lighter color at the inner corners of my eyes and draw a line directly below the eyes

Without Cute Eyes Maker


And use the darker shade for the outer corners

And below (smiling makes it easier :) )

And tada! the finished look:


This product is exactly what you need to make long lasting aegyo sal.


  • Makes your eyes pop (not literally XD)
  • Makes your eyes look younger, cute, and your face healthy looking
  • Good pigmentation
  • Packaging seems sturdy/ good enough, considering the price
  • Looks natural (not too shiny, not too drying)
  • Lasts all day!
  • Multi-purpose (can be used to highlight other parts of the face, brown shade can be used as eye shadow/ contouring purposes)
  • Instead of bringing eyeshadows, bronzers, and highlighters, you can just bring this instead


  • Comes in one shade only T.T


Yup!, it's better than using eye shadow under your eyes :))

If ever I find something even better than this, I'll let you guys know. 'Til the next review!


  1. When it dries, does it look powdery? I've been meaning to buy a better liquid or stick for aegyo sal because powders are making me look wrinkly, lol. Thanks for including pics!

    1. I see.. I've experienced that with powders too. But I can assure you this won't make you look wrinkly at all! It's like a cream eye shadow with a very thin consistency. Thanks for dropping by!

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  3. Interesting concept! This seems like it would be much better than using a powdery eye shadow, since those have a tendency to sink into fine lines and look weird.

  4. Oh very cute product dear, now I´m following you in GFC (#61)
    And Bloglovin´(#340) I hope your follow me back in both!
    This product sounds very useful~


  5. Your face became really bright. Will purchase this one. Thanks for the review... ♥