January 31, 2014

REVIEW: Skinfood Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek Tint in #3 Grapefruit

Here's a really awesome blush from the Skin Food - the "Fresh Fruit Lip and Cheek Tint". I prefer cream blushers than powder ones because cream ones make your cheeks look like their glowing and moisturized. So I gave this one a try and here's what I think:


"A multi-purpose product that makes your lips and cheek moist and lustrous with fresh fruit colors."
Comes in 6 variants:

  • 01 - Pomegranate (cherry red)
  • 02 - Berry (pink with purple undertones)
  • 03 - Grapefruit (reddish orange)
  • 04 - Apricot (light coral pink)
  • 05 - Peach (pastel pink)
  • 06 - Lychee (earth-tone orange)

I got mine in #3 Grapefruit. I got this thinking it would be a coral shade as some pictures in other reviews, but it turns out a bid reddish.


The packaging is super cute! A golden, sliding tin. Even the design looks so cute. The only problem is that it's really small, about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide.


Very creamy and easy to spread. Has the consistency of a cream concealer but smoother. It will definitely make your cheeks feel moist and not sticky at all. However, due to its creamy consistency, it will look horrible on the lips. It will emphasize all the cracks and dry patches you have. I prefer the Jelly Lip Tint from Skinfood which I reviewed (HERE).


This product smells really nice. It has a very fruity scent to it. The smell is a little on the medicinal/ chemical smell but it's still pleasant.


I love the pigmentation of this product! The color really shows up depending on how much you put on. It will look beautiful on your cheeks as long as you have the right shade. Too bad the color isn't really matching my skin tone right now. Perhaps a lighter shade would be better - like Apricot or Peach.

Here are some swatches on my hand, cheek, and lips:


It lasts an ample period of time. At the end of the day, it's still there, but will be barely there. If you rub, pat, or touch your cheeks a lot it will fade away. Otherwise, it stays put.


I love this blusher, hate it as a lip tint. I'll love it even more if I get the right shade.


  • Moisturizing
  • Pretty colors/ shades
  • Looks nice on the skin
  • Looks natural


  • Doesn't work nice as a lip tint


Most probably.

Update: I tried using a lot of lip balm before using it as a lip tint and it worked well. It doesn't look as natural as a lip tint though it's more like a thin lip stick.

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