March 20, 2014

Arsainte Eco-Therapy Essential Cream ~ The Face Shop

This is my HG night cream and my third purchase of it. I like it because it never broke me out and it absorbs really well and makes my face feel really supple. If you want the full review, please continue reading.



The packaging is really high quality. It's quite heavy but you won't bring this out anyway, so it's okay. I sort of expected this since The Face Shop always have high quality packaging.


Light-weight, airy, but highly moisturizing. Very creamy and easy to spread. Here are some swatches:


Makes my skin feel supple and very moisturized. It absorbs quickly and you won't feel  greasy even if you put a lot (moist Asians put 3 layers of moisturizer). Doesn't break me out.

  • Fast-absorbing
  • Light-weight
  • Doesn't break me out
  • Very creamy
  • Makes your skin supple
  • Spreads like a dream
  • Very moisturizing
  • Non-greasy/ oily
  • HG quality

  • Not travel friendly

It's the perfect night cream! I have nothing bad to say about this except that it's not ideal for travelling. If you want to bring this out, I suggest you transfer it to a smaller and lighter container.

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