March 20, 2014

Power Perfection BB Cream ~ The Face Shop

I've heard good review about this BB Cream so I decided to try it out. It seemed to be a pretty decent BB cream with a dewy finish. If you want the full review, please continue reading.

Description and Ingredients:

It comes in 2 shades, light beige and natural beige. I got the natural beige thinking it wouldn't give a grey cast but it still did.


The packaging is quite nice and is different than other TFS BB Creams since it has a pump. The amount is still controllable and the pump is very functional. I like the color purple since it looks so pretty  and elegant. Also, this is the smaller version and not the full size so it's very travel friendly. 


Non-sticky and lightweight. Easy to spread and very buildable.


It has medium coverage but not as high definition as the HD Perfect BB Cream. It still has good coverage though, and it's really lightweight. I prefer my BB Creams to be thick though, I don't know why, but that's just me ~

Here's me with the BB Cream, Lip tint and some eyeliner. Obviously, I still need concealer.


It has lower oil control than the HD Perfect BB Cream and this one has a more dewy finish - not ideal for oily skinned people like me. I recommend this for people with dry skin. 

  • Dewy finish (a pro for some people)
  • Doesn't break me out
  • So-so oil- control
  • Grey undertones
  • Medium coverage (some people like it this way though)

This would work better for people with dry skin. I don't regret buying this since it doesn't break me out and I can still use it on days where I don't need much makeup/coverage.


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