March 20, 2014

Special Zone Care: Neck Lifting Mask ~ The Face Shop

If you're like me are starting to have noticeable lines on your neck, I suggest using products like these. I got this from The Face Shop just to try it out. And now, only one question remains, is it effective? Continue reading below for a full review.


The Face Shop hydrogel patches are available for different target areas too like smile lines, hands, feet, heels, eyes, so you can get one depending on where your area of concern is. The same goes with Tony Moly.


Not bad. It looks pretty elegant and expensive compared to other brands if you ask me.

So this is how the mask looks like.

And this is how it looks when worn. Ohh I look like I just had an accident.

Quality/ Consistency:

The mask adheres quite nicely to the neck. It's a very firm mask, meaning it wouldn't slip around much even if you sleep with it on. It does feel like a gel mask but thicker and stronger than a regular facial mask. Somehow it tingles a bit after wearing it for a while.


I used it overnight and I am so happy to tell you that I definitely saw the visible effects of this. The lines on my neck are less visible and seems  smoother to the touch. It didn't remove them totally but it helped somehow, which I didn't expect from a simple gel mask.


  • Good adherence
  • Good quality
  • Visible effects


  • A bit pricey for a one-time usage
If you have the same concerns as me, I suggest trying this out.


  1. Wow, I've never heard about this product! *o* Interesting!

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  2. Oh god my friend was just asking me about neck wrinkles the other day hahahaha I'll have to tell her about this :P

  3. Wow, great review.. Happy that u had good effects..