March 22, 2014

The Face Shop HAUL + REVIEW

As you all know, I live in Asia and there's tons of Asian makeup stores everywhere. One of them is The Face Shop. Last week I bought a bunch of my favorite products and if you want to know more about them, please continue reading below.

1. The Face Shop HD Perfect BB Cream
"Contains HD SKIN COMPLEX to meticulously conceal skin flaws and blemishes while covering widened pores and uneven skin surface to provide a fair and smooth HD skin appearance."

"A BB Cream providing total skin treatment to achieve a "power perfection skin" by imparting proactive care to overall skin problems, including bagginess, roughness and dryness."

3. Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Essential Cream
"A long-lasting cream with high-moisture concentration. High concentration of moisturizing properties spreads over the skin as if dissolving to maintain balance of moisture as well as to improve skin moisturization with this high-moisturizing cream."

"A hydrogel patch imparting a sense of firmness and tension to the neck area with grape seed oil and niacinamide effective at anti-oxidation."

After accumulating a certain amount, they gave me free makeup pouches! They are really cute and waterproof so I'm really satisfied with my purchase.


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  6. I'm so happy that you did this review! The Face Shop just opened up near me about a week ago!

  7. I just love Asian BB creams my fav is the Skin 79 brand xx

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  12. Thanks for the review. Love the HD Perfect BB Cream, suits for the girl living in the Asia country like Malaysia. Mind following each other, so we can keep in touch in the future? Let me know, okay?

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  13. nice, all new products for me :)

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  19. I love Asian B.B. Creams~! Those makeup pouches are adorable too <33